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About Us

Firm "Donja Danub" was established in 2019. in Belgrade, Kičevska street 19, Serbia.
The company is active in production and distribution of donuts and snacks.

Our goal is to provide the best quality and price, while also satisfying our customers.
We use special flours made in Czech Republic and Germany for baking our products.

Orders of different designs and sizes are accepted.

Cupcake Types

Kiki: Vanilla and chocolate cupcake with white and pink cream.

Kimi: Vanilla and chocolate cupcake with cream, filled with forest and strawberry fruits.

Donut Types

Happy: Decorated with White and Black Chocolate and different colored chocolate.

Lepi: Decorated with White and Black Chocolate with inside filled with caramel, forest fruits, strawberry fruit.

Niki: Decorated with Black and White Chocolate, Kinder, Hazelnut, Oreo biscuit and powder, Coconut powder and plazma.
The inside of the donut is filled with Vanilla, Nutella, Chocolate cream and Oreo cream.


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